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Enterprise Engineering Services supported the FAA’s Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) for the maintenance and operation of over 180 mission critical systems in the National Airspace System (NAS). The AJW-14/-173/-223 missions include National Level Program Support for the Acquisition, Deployment, Field Support, Documentation, and Modification of major systems and equipment to support the NAS.   These task efforts required contractor support for National Level Program Support for each major system or equipment beginning with support of the program office in developing system and/or equipment requirements.  The task effort typically included the support of acquisition and deployment activities from the first site installation until all sites were commissioned or completed.  The acquisition and deployment task effort involved several hundred geo-disperse sites across the United States and its protectorates.  After commissioning the first site, the task effort included off-site and on-site direct and indirect field support of hardware and software of each system.  Commissioned sites required continuing task support effort for documentation changes and system support modifications over the full life of each system or equipment until decommissioning and/or replacement with new systems or equipment.  Work teams and logistics support were planned for the effort from beginning to end.

Domain Support:

  • Operations Automation
  • Radar Systems
  • Weather Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Surface Surveillance Systems
  • Homeland Defense Programs
  • Communications Systems
  • Power Operations
  • Satellite Operations